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These ads were created by ONPA for use by our members to promote public notice in newspapers. We encourage newspapers to download and print these ads in support of this cause. Please check back occasionally, as this collection will expand over time.

THE NEWEST GROUP OF ADS includes web banners and print ads promoting the free SmartSearch service at publicnoticeoregon.com, whose design has recently been updated. The service allows your readers to have your paper's public notices sent to them by email. The print ads also stress the importance of keeping public notices in the newspaper.

NEW! "Now in your inbox" design

The following four ads were developed with information from the public notice research mentioned in "Readership/advertising/public notice research" below. The ads alert the public to the importance of keeping public notices in the newspaper. Four designs are currently available, in various sizes and in color and black and white.

Statue of Liberty design
State capitol design
Eagle's head design
Senior citizen design

Readership/advertising/public notice research

Proceeds from sales of iPad tickets at the 2010 Summer Publishers Convention were used to fund current research on newspaper readership and public opinion on advertising and public notice in newspapers. The research was conducted between September 14 and September 25, 2010, by American Opinion Research, a nationally recognized, full-service research firm based in New Jersey. The resulting report, titled "Advertising & Media Use in Oregon", can be downloaded here:

Advertising & Media Use in Oregon

Ad/Flyer: Why advertise in Oregon newspapers?

ONPA created this 8.5x11" flyer for newspaper salespeople to promote newspaper advertising. It can be used in a media kit or resized and printed as a house ad in your paper.

Add your own branding in the space below the text in the lower left area of the ad.

We intend to create more such ads centered around the readership information in the research study above, and those will appear on this page.

Why advertise in Oregon newspapers?

AdCon handouts/tools from John Lindsey

John Lindsey, one of the speakers at the 2010 AdCon, has provided ONPA with many of the documents given out at his session, and they can be downloaded via the links below. Some of the documents are still in progress, so check back again later for any that you've missed.

"Attitude" by Chuck Swindoll (PDF file, 1 pg, 41 KB)

B.A.C.K. T.O. B.A.S.I.C.S., a sales primer whose title is a pnemonic reminder of its contents. (PDF file, 7 pp, 85 KB)

How Personality Can Predict Media Usage, research reported in Advertising Age, May 2009. (PDF file, 5 pp, 81 KB)



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